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Basic Emergency Life Support (2nd Edition) has been developed specifically for school students and young people, as a simplified version of the award-winning First Aid Emergency Handbook.


Expert first aid guidance


Written and revised by one of Australia’s leading experts in first aid practice and procedure, Ella Tyler, this essential first aid resource offers simplified, up-to-date first aid information for every emergency situation imaginable.


Clear and concise format


This 64-page student first aid booklet offers a practical, easy-to-follow layout including:


  • Coloured tabs to assist easy access to relevant topics
  • Alphabetical listing first aid topics
  • Separate CPR section
  • Supplementary topics to support understanding of important first aid concepts
  • Instructions to help students master key first aid skills


Basic Emergency Life Support (2nd Edition) is a valuable teaching and learning tool.


Clever and compliant


Basic Emergency Life Support (2nd Edition) is compliant with HLTAID001 and HLTAID002.

Basic Emergency Life Support

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