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Extra Components!


We've listened to your feedback and our Hygiene Pack now includes an additional mask, gloves and skin cleaning wipes!


PLUS: Receive a FREE Fever Scan Strip with every Hygiene Pack purchased!

For bulk orders of any of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Hygiene Products, please email


Developed in response to an increased need for sanitation and protection in the workplace, the SURVIVAL Hygiene Pack will help you feel prepared with compact, durable personal hygiene essentials that you can take anywhere.


Keep it with you or pack it into your SURVIVAL First Aid KIT for the ultimate in personal safety and protection.


SURVIVAL Hygiene Pack contents include:


  • 6x Skin Cleaning Wipes
  • 2x Face Masks
  • 2x Pair of Rubber Gloves


Skin Cleaning Wipes 


Quality disposable wipes for effective cleansing of the skin. The wipes are Polypropylene based non-woven fabric, impregnated with 1% cetrimide in aqueous solution.


Personal Face Mask


Ideal for self-protection and the consideration of others, keep people from breathing in various airborne contaminants.


Rubber Gloves


The textured synthetic rubber gloves are designed to maximise self-protection and diminish contact with harmful germs. The rubber gloves also provide an elevated infection barrier, are powder-free and come in one size (L) to fit all users.


Helping you feel prepared for any emergency


Considered leaders in global health and safety solutions, SURVIVAL is at the helm of continuous innovative solutions in meeting the demands of customers, in this ever-changing global environment.


We are proud to supply innovative personal sanitation, First Aid KITs and solutions for your workplace, vehicle and home in Australia and throughout the world.

SURVIVAL Hygiene Pack

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