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Important Notice


Due to a worldwide supply shortage, our Safety Centre now comes with 1 x P2 Face Mask instead of 2 and the price of the KIT has been reduced to reflect this. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


The SURVIVAL Safety Centre KIT has been expertly designed to prevent eye, hearing and lung damage throughout every home and workplace in Australia and beyond.


Be prepared for any emergency with compact, durable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) essentials that you can take anywhere. Keep it in your car, carry it in your bag, or attach it to your SURVIVAL First Aid KIT for the ultimate in personal safety and protection.


Survival Safety Centre KIT contents include:


  • 1 x pair of UVEX Pheos Safety Glasses
  • 1 x UVEX P2 Face Mask
  • 1 x set of earbuds


World class PPE Gear


UVEX Pheos Safety Glasses


Personal protection doesn’t get any better, with 100% metal-free UVEX Pheos Safety Glasses using duo-spherical lens technology for an unobstructed field of vision and reliable UV 400 protection. Anti-fog scratch-resistant and antistatic, the soft non-slip arm ends prevent pressure points and enable glasses to be worn comfortably alongside other safety equipment.


UVEX P2 Face Mask


Class P2 particle filtering cup mask to protect you against both mechanical and thermal particle sizes commonly found in industrial work. Suitable for uses requiring a minimum protection factor of up to 10, this vital personal protective equipment meets both Australian and New Zealand safety standards.


Quality first aid product


Made from durable, water resistant material the SURVIVAL Safety Centre features sturdy zips around 95% of the bag to allow for easy access to the PPE gear contents inside. Specially-designed clips also allow for easy attachment to your SURVIVAL First Aid KIT.


Featuring Adult CPR instructions printed on the outside of the bag, this KIT supports personal first aid training and helps you be prepared for any emergency situation.


Be prepared for any emergency


The SURVIVAL Safety Centre KIT containing your essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also available in our Workplace Safety and Workplace Safety PLUS bundles. Bundle up and SAVE!

SURVIVAL Safety Centre KIT

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