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The SURVIVAL Workplace First Aid KIT PLUS provides you with everything you need to help prepare your workplace for an emergency…and more!


Nationally compliant with Safe Work Australia's Workplace Health and Safety Code of Practice.


Workplace Compliant First Aid Kit


Ticking off all the items on your workplace first aid checklist with the SURVIVAL Workplace First Aid KIT, the PLUS option comes with added extras to ensure supreme workplace safety.


Please Note: The SURVIVAL Workplace First Aid KIT PLUS is identical to the SURVIVAL Home First Aid KIT PLUS.


KIT Dimensions


Height: 27cm | Width (Closed): 12cm | Length (Closed): 21cm | Length (Open): 79cm | Weight: 1.6kg


Wall Display Bracket


Inclusion of a strong and sturdy wall bracket means you can display your workplace first aid KIT in a prominent and accessible area of your workplace, for quick and easy access in the event of an emergency.


The bracket can be attached to the desired wall via the two screw holes at the back of the bracket. Please Note: Screws are not included as these will be dertermined by the wall material.


First Aid Emergency Handbook


The award-winning First Aid Emergency Handbook has saved countless lives, with its easy-to-follow instructions for just about any emergency you may experience in the home or workplace. A vital support for your first aid training in the case of a workplace emergency.


You can store the handbook in the wall