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Whether you’re looking for a waterproof box for your boat, caravan, 4WD, workshop or factory, SURVIVAL’s strong and durable Waterproof Box will protect your first aid kit contents in wet and dirty environments.


Leading first aid design


Designed in Australia by leading first aid experts, this clever waterproof box is fitted with a pressure valve to make for fast and easy opening in any emergency situation.


Quality first aid product


Expertly structured to snugly fit any of the SURVIVAL First Aid KITs, the Waterproof Box measures in at 28cm long by 25cm wide by 16cm high – perfect to fit all of the essential items on your first aid checklist and still take with you wherever you go.


Protect your first aid supplies


In addition to waterproofing the contents of your first aid kit, the SURVIVAL Waterproof Box also protects against dust, grime, mud and dirt to ensure your first aid contents are in prime condition for when you need to use them.


Be prepared for any emergency


An essential accessory for any on-the-move, maritime or Marine First Aid KIT, this Waterproof Box will protect your first aid supplies and help you be prepared for any emergency.

Waterproof Box

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